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i need new blogs to follow. any suggestions?

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god bless sdcc

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What’s with the whole “Nobody gets hurt when you watch porn and masturbate, it’s not hurting anybody” - like sorry, I didn’t realise the women being dehumanised, brutalised, raped and degraded weren’t real people and aren’t really harmed during the making of porn. I guess it also doesn’t have material consequences for non-pornographic women either, like encouraging a culture of sexualised violence and normalisation of brutalisation in the bedroom.

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“I don’t always wear blue. Sometimes I wear turquoise.”


“I don’t always wear blue. Sometimes I wear turquoise.”

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mermaids don’t have thigh gaps but they can still lure men to their deaths


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A living legend.


A living legend.

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*knocks on your door*

Hello. I’ve heard you’ve been invalidating a male character’s past straight relationships in order to make your slash ship sale. 

Could I interest you on the subject of bisexuality.

It’s free! It’s friendly! It’s perfectly workable with canon! It stops misogynistic fic tropes in order to slash ship in it’s tracks.

Invest in bisexuality today!

Bonus: Buy today and receive a free addition of pansexuality for no extra fee!

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what would u call the 90s FBI agent aesthetic? Lawcore? Justice goth?

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Sounds like you’re floating on a cloud. 

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i’ve finally found my aesthetic 

i’ve finally found my aesthetic